Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Improve Your Website Visibility in Google SERP, SEO Tips

In Todays Era of Search engine Marketing everyone is trying to rank well in Google Search Engine Result Page but because of lot of competition in every field we have to utilize some effective method that works well for better ranking in Google SERP.

Importance of SEO

Assume you have begun a business (Internet advertising) and offering your e-book online for canine-preparing and need to target you gathering of people from different part of the planet then you need to upgrade your online site for exceptional SERP standing. 

Without SEO your online site will be covered profound in google and won't be unmistakable to focused on group of onlookers whatsoever. 

There are so many SEO Agencies are there, but we have to choose best company which delivers long term quality SERP ranking.

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SEO Techniques For New Website

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is the system to advance a site for exceptional standing in SERP's(Search Engine Result Page). Usually there are two techniques for SEO first is on-page and second is off-page improvement. 

Strategies for SEO

In this post I am setting off to offer some truly significant and successful techniques for off-page improvement. In off-page advancement we need to yell-boisterous to the planet about our site and fabricate some viable connections backlinks . Beneath are some essential Strategies:- 

Contender Analysis-Look at the target watchword of your contestant in your corner and attempt to raise backlinks from that online site. 

Tools which you can use for Competitor Analysis:-

1) SEOMoz Open Site Explorer—This is the paid device from SEOMoz yet you can additionally utilize its unlimited adaptation and you can infiltrate into contestant essential word in viable way. In this instrument you can get finish portions of grapple content utilized, PR of the backlink page and all essential outcomes. 

2) is my most beloved devices to check out contestant magic word and connected online sites, this online site will reveal to you backlinks page PR and stay content of the connection. 

3) Alexa—This is the most well known online site from for its Ranking ordered system and joined pages.. you can utilize Alexa on the house to check out Competitor backlinks.Prolore SEO Agency Bangalore gives adequate SEO and value join constructing however you can likewise manufacture your particular connection with the assistance of routines given underneath. 

WEB 2.0 Blogs—Another effective methods to construct backlinks is by web 2.0 online journal posting. In this system we make online elements in, Tumblr, Hubpages, Blogger and Wordpress, in the wake of making a site page you need to compose a value substance and put your backlinks in grapple message and post in the aforementioned web 2.0 websites.. 

Squidoo is the most forcing for WEB 2.0 ejournal posting, Squiddo is for the most part salary offering site and work to google adsense. Your article in online webpage is called as lens. You can make 100 of lens which has an associations that centers towards your site. 

Guest Posting – This is a supplemental viable system that work for all webmaster, chase down online diary in your forte with excellent PR and solicit guest posting. This technique will make development to your site and moreover will give you an enduring quality backlink. 

Google Alert and Yahoo Answers --Google alert is a characteristic by google where you can set your alert something like a specific topic(or crucial word) by giving you inform id, after that when any people will look that vital word or form something about it then google will inform you as an alert, then you can reply to that article by giving your association. 

So likewise we can reply to requests in with associations, 

Making your website popular in yahoo answer will bring some traffic too.

Article Submission - -Write an article identified with your corner and post it into some article submission sites with great PR, it will sit down for a bit to support and will function as a lasting backlinks. 

Directory Submission - -Submit your web journal in website registry and get a restricted backlink, this is the speediest system for getting backlink for another site. 

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Monday, 25 March 2013

MBA Projects Report Tips and Tricks


Masters in Business Management is one of the most  preferred post graduate courses in the world. Holding an MBA degree from a prestigious business school like IIM-Ahmedabad, Harvard or Stanford is the ultimate dream of any management student.
Business management course curriculum deals with scientific approach to managing business. Business management course teaches them the strategies, planning, organizing, controlling, and executing tasks they have to perform for running a business successfully. It introduces them to the various branches of business namely Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Operations Management. Students can opt for any one of these branches for specialization. As part of their curriculum students have to work on a project and submit a project report or thesis in the final year of their post graduate study. Project work is part of their assessment process.


Management Projects is a mini research on a particular topic. It has a definite beginning and end and a time frame. It is an added value to education. It makes learning meaningful and purposeful as the learner takes the responsibility of learning upon himself/herself.


MBA Projects work is an excellent learning experience for a student. It gives a peep into working life which is so different from student life. It gives opportunity to perform, learn from real time experiences, use technical knowledge and test its application. It encourages independent learning at the same time working with others at work place.  Project work is a great learning tool as it demands planning and executing on one’s own. It requires  both fundamental skills of reading, writing, analysis and also technical skills  like problem solving, time management, research methods, software utilization , information synthesizing, etc.


It is important to divide the project stage wise and step wise. First is project topic selection. Then develop the problem description. This is when you will decide the scope of your work. Clearly define the objectives. Then decide on collecting data using a suitable methodology. Then analyze the data and draw conclusions. Write a cohesive report.


 Probably topic selection is the most challenging as that decides the outcome. So choose a topic or problem that interests you and have an eagerness to investigate and learn more. Think of a system or application or problem that has use in real life situation. Get the approval from the Head of Department or person concerned. Browse through technical books, articles and web pages to get a clear understanding of the topic. Seek faculty and professional help for any doubts and clarifications at every stage. Develop a well defined description of the topic and the project objective. Do not get over ambitious as that will derail the entire work.  Apply correct methodology for sample collection, establish process for data analysis, evaluate your results, draw conclusions and finally write the thesis. 

Format – The project report or thesis can be presented in this format.
                Table of contents
                Abstract (overview and main features)
                Introduction (describe the problem or topic)
                Solution ((describe how you got the result using flow chart or diagram)
               Conclusion (learning outcome)
                References (books, authors)


Successful project completion is no magic. Many obstacles can derail a project. For example, planning an over ambitious project goal. One has to keep the time frame in mind before deciding the scope. Another problem is procrastination. Project plan and execution must be systematic and meticulous. Every stage of the project must be given adequate time to complete lest it will lose direction.


There are several institutes that offer project work assistance right from topic selection to completion of the project report. Institutes charge enrolment fee for their services. They have consultants who can guide a student from A to Z of project work. Besides there are exclusive MBA community portals to help with project assignments.  There are exclusive websites to help with project topic selection. They have a long list of topics from all branches such as finance, marketing, HR, operations management.  Some interesting topics are as follows
Use of print ads for international brand
India – a global player
FDI in India - pros and cons
International business – how to conduct it?
Business forecasting
Inventor control methods
Sales management

A good MBA projects report will not only fetch you a good grade in academics but also open doors for you in the job market. A well defined, thoroughly researched and executed project will add value to your CV and the prospective employer will certainly give weight age to it. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to Improve Performance In Your Exams

As we all know that Improve Performance is related to Mental fitness  in our daily life. Many students who face problem in performing well in exam is due to the mental fitness. I have  seen so many students who works hard but unable to perform well in the exam, So what could be the primary reason for this, The final conclusion is made of the mental fitness and brain exercise.

During the examination period students works hard and even study at night which leads to the the lack of optimal performance in exams. In this post I am going to share with you some tips which will surely help you to improve your performance in your exam and will light to the bright future ahead in your career.

Here are the some top tips to improve exam performance in your exam is given below:-

  • Be mentally prepared for the exam and sleep well at night, take it easy and wake up early in the morning, do some exercises like yoga, mental exercise, brain exercise, breathe fresh air, etc.
  • Read the question paper instruction carefully and remember the important points, ssuch as number of questions to be answered or number of optional questions.
  • Strategize your answer with important points before writing and use point wise solution to the given question. Make note of Important topic which you have to consider in your answer.Try to add related points with respect to the main topic.
  • Use pencils to underline the important points in your answer, this will attract the readers attraction and works well for getting high marks.
  • Do not try to mess with the answer part instead write each part separately with no grammer or spelling  mistakes
  • Change your paragraph when required and link your paragraph with suitable topics and phrases etc.
  • Write your answers with no spelling or grammer mistakes and try to check your answers before moving to the next question to avoid last minute rush.
  • Finally check your writing mistakes and missing information , if any and submit your papers.
Above methods is very effective for improving your exam performance.

Second Important point for improving performance is mental fitness, There are so many online tutor available to help you to achieve high level of mental fitness and perform well in your exam.

You can contact Myndgenie who helps students to Develop Self Confidence for those who fear of exam in many ways such as:-
  • Fear of Exam
  • Not Motivated to Study
  • Not Able to Focus on Study and Many More Exam Related Topics.
All The Best For Your Exam, Have Fun:))