Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Future Of Computing: Cloud Computing Solutions

What is cloud computing and how it works?

The "cloud computing" is a relatively new concept appeared, but whose beginnings go back a few years, especially in the technology of grid computing, used for scientific computing.

Cloud computing refers to the use of memory and computational capabilities of computers and servers around the world and linked by a network such as the Internet. Users of the cloud may well have a significant and scalable computing power.

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Cloud computing, a marketable product?

Yes, this technique is becoming a business. The entire computing power and memory, designed as a offered as a service to customers by a business tool is announced by some professionals as the ultimate stage of industrialization data centers.

Just like the electrical power a century ago, the computing power and storage of information would be available for consumption by specialized companies.Therefore, companies would no longer need to own servers, but entrust this resource to a company that would ensure their computing power and storage on demand.

A software layer resource management and programming tools is also offered by the owners of this cloud and in order to make usable by the largest number of these computing resources.

It is in this context that the online software such as collaborative action can be seen as the tip software part of this new way of designing IT. Similarly, the operating system could be offered remotely. On this point, virtualization technologies, very fashionable at the moment, could fit right in with the concept of cloud computing.

In terms of hardware, the computing power and storage is no longer needed locally or on the computer, we can assume that the client terminals such light may be sufficient to the needs of users. This new material offers could be as HaaS (Hardware as a Service), that is to say the material, inexpensive, could also be offered by companies to use package.

To some extent, SaaS (Software as a Service) is a harbinger of this new way of thinking and practice of computing.

Advantages of cloud computing for the user

As the use of IT infrastructure is seen as a service, the customer does not have to worry about the operation thereof. In addition, the agility and flexibility of supply allows the user to have the computing power he wants when he wants, without having to buy power units and calculation that not used as is the case today with computers and data centers that are owned companies.

Cloud computing, end of the DSI?

With an outsourced IT offer business managers may be induced to move from one house to make ISD call to an external service provider. Still, the issues of privacy and quality of service compared with the cost of the service may be the subject of much attention from policy makers to choose or not to outsource the all of their IT resources.

Who are the actors who seize this concept and the technology?

Amazon was one of the first companies to offer through its tools S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) storage and computing power driven IT infrastructure for customers. The newspaper The New York Times is also Amazon S3 client uses for its online archive.

Google is the great champion of cloud computing. The company started its activities in this area with Google 101 project, and in order to create a network between universities for research. Today, the cloud program, in partnership with IBM, tends to create data centers, called clusters, a power never hitherto achieved.

And some large companies in the world of computing have decided to take the plunge. Sun Microsystems has announced that by 2015, all of the data centers of the company will be virtualized by third parties under a cloud.

Other actors, including EMC Corporation, actor infrastructure software, engage in acquisition strategies and outsourced growth for developing cloud computing services. EMC is for example to buy Pi Corporation, a young editor management solutions personal information online, based in Seattle.
HP itself offers a printing service through its own cloud, called CloudPrint.

So, when the arrival of this technology in business? It's coming soon. The Forrester study announced that cloud computing will penetrate the enterprise market by a year or two.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How To Dress Up Your Little Kids

What subjects are preferred when her children were dressed?

It all depends on the age of your kid. For newborns and up to 12 months, children are elongated and do not move much. So they have to soft materials, comfortable and warm, like cashmere. It is often believed that the cashmere is not affordable but are found everywhere in supermarkets and in addition, it is machine washable.For larger, better always put cotton because it is the material that is least allergies.Cotton is the most comfortable material and form very good kids wear, in which they can evolve with more ease.In general, you should always avoid putting wool or synthetic materials to the skin, especially at the neckline as it may lead to irritation. The ideal is to protect the skin with a sub-sweater or turtleneck cotton. Wool sides, there can also opt for cashmere. But be careful, you should know a child who puts cashmere will struggle to return to other wool ... and try to choose confortable kids wear

Side cuts that should be favored for the kids wear is as convenient as possible for breakfast?

For the little kids wear, it is better to opt for clothes with easy closures, like the push buttons.Generally, kids hate the clothes he must go through their minds so at the time of purchase, you really pay attention to the threading. For older kids, there are really no rules in this area. Moms always tend to dress their children in their own image. It must, however, pay attention to the morphology. If your little one is rather plump, it can be good to buy her overalls, which do not interfere with the size. For the finest children wear, choose the bottom elastic waist. To make them last as long as possible, you can take a slightly larger size that fits the child by performing a reverse, which is adjusted according to its growth. For closed systems, it is true that the pressures and zips are easier to use for children, but style aside, it is still less than pretty buttons. Today, brands have adapted and offer little kids shirts with only one or two buttons. This can be a good option!

In terms of size of kids wear, how to ensure that the clothing go as long as possible?

For smaller, you have to give a window of six months or a year if you buy for the next season. For larger, it is true that fashion has gradually adapted to the market and offers for every season trends. By cons, Kids wear is still free from the dictates of the adult mode. It may be interesting to project from one year to another, especially during sales. The important thing is to take great - about two sizes above. By cons, for bodys, socks and shoes, we always take the size of the child, never more!

Do you have any advice for moms who want to buy clothes online for teen girls?

I would say first of all that we should not be afraid. If purchase does not satisfy you, the law provides that the supplier must refund or exchange the item. It should then focus on sites where we can see the clothes and materials - by zooming or photos - but also offering a very clear guide sizes and therefore can guide moms in their purchases for girls dresses. Finally, it may be advantageous to favor sites with a helpline, hotline. This will allow, in case of doubt, to talk directly to someone who can advise you based on your expectations of your child's weight, etc.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Improve Your Travel Experience With Amazing Self Drive Car Rental Tarrif

If you are traveling for a vacation with colleagues, friends or family, getting Zoom self drive car rental could be a good idea. This is because it is believed to save you some considerable amount of money. However, while the cost of renting it could be the cheapest of all the options available, there are still few things that you might want to check first. Some of these aspects include the fuel consumption, capacity, as well as terms and conditions.

ZoomCar's Self Drive Car Rental Tarrif

Important notes from Zoomcar's Website

  • Please book more time than you think you will need for your journey. Zoom is fully committed to reliably providing vehicles when our members have them reserved, so please do return your vehicle on-time. If you return a vehicle late and it causes an inconvenience to another member, you will be charged a penalty to compensate them.
  • But we don't want you to pay more than you should for time you aren't Zooming! If you return a vehicle 1 hour or more before your reservation ends, you will get a driving credit for ½ of the unused time. If you have a vehicle only with a daily tariff component, you are eligible for a credit equivalent to ½ of the daily tariff in the event you return the car a day or more early (e.g. a 3 day hire that is returned 1 full day early will result in a driving credit equal to ½ of the standard daily tariff for that respective vehicle).
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How To Improve Performance of Goverment School In India

Recent discussion on how to improve performance of goverment school in India, lots of ideas, views and methods for teachers and as well as students in teachersofindia.org.

Read the article here


Sunday, 12 May 2013

How To Improve Decision Making Skills

Everyone knows that taking own decisions skills is vital to success. Learn to gather better information and learn how to use this information to make good decisions is an important element not only your professional life but your personal life.

Good decision making skills are essential to the success of any business, but unfortunately, some schools teach people how to use critical thinking to make decisions that matter most. It is therefore important to look for this type of training and coaching, if you start a new business, looking to get noticed in your current job, or just want to make better decisions in your personal life.

Unfortunately, there is no one method that will help you make the right decision every time. The decision is definitely a learned art, and the right decision for one person may not be appropriate for the next. The key is to learn how to prioritize your goals, and learn how to apply reason, intuition and critical thinking skills that you already have in order to make the best decision possible.

Gather as much information you can is another essential part of learning to make the best decisions. After all, good decision making requires good information, and without this information you will not be able to succeed, whether in business or in life.

What information is important is an integral part of the decision process. In the business world, this means knowing who the major players are on any project in which you are involved. It is important to see not only the other managers and executives working on the project, but to talk to their staff as well. These staff members tend to play a vital role in the success of any project, and get their input is very important, but often overlooked, part of the overall decision making.

Having identified that the major players in your project, it is time to sit down and develop the project objectives, and how it can be made even more successful. Often, a new set of eyes reviewing the project can help you identify ideas or goals that you may have overlooked, so it is important to ask others for help if you feel you need it. Understanding exactly what is to be achieved, and how each contributes to these goals is an important part of learning more effective decision-making skills.

These decision making skills may be even more important if you are in business for yourself. After all, when you run your own business, you are totally responsible for your own success. It is therefore essential to learn the best techniques for decision before striking out on your own. There are a number of excellent resources available to help new business owners get started. It is important to take advantage of as many resources as you can. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of starting and running a business, but you will take an important decision making skills along the way.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Omegle can help you to improve speaking skills with strangers

Hello friends,

Hope you are doing well, today i have a amazing thing to discuss with you i.e Omegle.

Yes!! You can now improve your speaking skills with Omegle live webcam chat with strangers, I have seen lot of people who hesitate while talking to strangers. Some people feel shy or uncomfortable while talking to strangers and they start stammering or stuttering.

The cure for this problem is to talk, talk and talk with strangers. Omegle is a web platform where u can talk to strangers and have good conversation with them in a just singe mouse click, but dont use omegle spy, Ahh, just kidding!!

If you go to any speech therapist for cure then he will tell you to talk more to strangers in phone or in street while working or while playing. But now you can talk to them in your own comfortable area i.e in your living room or anywhere you want. Use Omegle and talk every day for at least 2 hours a day and you will surely improve your communication skill.

One important thing in Omegle is that you can talk to any people around the world so it will aso help you to improve your communication skill. But i suggest you to do not misuse this application, i have a lot of people hangout on omegle for having nude activities and some of then uses the Omegle spy application to hijack the strangers cam.

One of my friend was using Omegle spy application to hijack the webcam of stranger and he hijacked the webcam and recorded it in their own computer but this is not legal in term of privacy. so dont use omegle spy application to hijack strangers webcam instead talk to them and make them friends because this is going to help you to improve your speaking skills.

So friends, do not do anything wrong and not even try to misuse this wonderful application. 
Use Omegle for your need and also help others.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Improve your Download Speed With Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is paid software which is very popular these days clams that it can improve your file download speed up to five times,Yes 5 times! suppose you get download speed of 100kb/s with normal browser download manager like of chrome and firefox then you will get download speed of 500 kbps with IDM but it will depend on your ISP bandwith.

Internet Download manager can be downloaded and used as a trial version for around 30 days, but after your trial version is over then you have to pay for licence, after getting licence you can use it. IDM is very easy to integrate in browser in no time, you can integrate in browser with just a simple click and start downloading with a very high speed.

You can use internet download manager free download for the trial version and start using instantly. Many internet user has very wide bandwidth but due to the slow downloading speed of browser they experience bad downloading speed. As we all know that without fast downloading speed we cannot enjoy fast downloading and now a days we use HD videos of large file size, so it will take very long time to download the file with the help of normal browser.

I am now using internet download manager and I can say that it is one of the best download manager software i have ever used in my life, it works like a charm and grab your Youtube video with wonderful download icon as shown in the screenshot below.

As shown in the image above you can see Internet download manager icon once you click that icon then your download will start with a very fast speed.

Most of the internet users uses Internet download manager crack to use the full version of software for free using IDM crack method, but i will not recommend you to use free IDM crack instead pay for the software. Internet download manager totally worth of your money, so try to buy the bull version but not the IDM crack or Patch one.

So, start using internet download manager now ang enjoy the full speed download experience with easy installation and use. below is the some amazing features of IDM.

  • Easy to download and installs in a minute.
  • Increases download speed up to five times.
  • Easy browser integration by using advanced browser Integration tool.
  • Automatically catches download from you tube.
  • Very low price.

In the next post I will share a amazing software which you will love that.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Improve Self Confidence: Facts & Tips

What is the lack of self-confidence.

What is unbearable is that part of you know they are right. We should not miss much confidence, we should instead have more self-esteem, feel less shy, should not feel all that stress and we should get rid of its old complex as heavy useless and especially we should think less. And should remove any timidity. "We should" and can not do a little more then we indulged. Of all the ways we are accustomed to. We do it all day. It is almost automatic when you see someone, it is necessary that we compare. Found that the other better than themselves. And reflex we forget, everything was better than him. You set the standards, references so high that is sure to disappoint not reach. It should be Einstein, Marilyn Monroe should be, it should be Mother Teresa, funky, beautiful or good, it should be anyone other than himself. In short we do not like, even though we know we should. And when someone, in spite of you, appreciate you, makes you a compliment, we think, lack of confidence requires that it is insincere or worse, he laughs at you. So we try to reassure compliments is claimed, marks loves you cling to what secures us, relationship or otherwise, even if we know we should leave. We run after the self-esteem that can never seem to find.

And everything seems horribly complicated because the lack of self-confidence grows you doubt yourself, just to postpone things. Of course, it is argued, but responsible for its complex, much slower than the others! That hesitation! That stress! That timidity to fight! Then learn how to self-esteem?

And why do we do this?

The mechanism of self-confidence.

Or rather, how do we do that? How will develop a lack of confidence? What is the psychological mechanism that destroys all self-esteem and pushes us to maintain and develop these complex?

The central mechanism of the lack of confidence (that we can often trace correlated to that of shyness) is a phenomenon that psychologists call reactance and remains difficult to explain and develop writing.

As an example, if I told you, "Do not think of a cat chasing a mouse! "You'll think first of a cat chasing a mouse. If I say: "Do not think your biggest flaw! "You think. If you say, "Stop telling you that you suck, ugly or stupid! "You think you're no, ugly or stupid.

Thus, paradoxical as it is:

The more you force not think the more they think.
The more you force not feel the stress and the stress we feel.
The more you force not to feel shy and it feels shyness.
The more we have to force self-esteem and were less self-esteem.

Are you lost? Try it. More a part of you is trying to convince you that you're a good and another part prompts you to think of yourself as someone no. Also the more you try not to think and the more you think?

So, how do? How to not be tortured? How to stop thinking? Finally, how to develop self-esteem? How to develop the confidence that everyone else seems to have?

The truly effective therapies to restore confidence

The lack of self-confidence, How to develop self confidence? Talk is useless. It has been said that you were worth the money and whenever you have doubts. And you were told and you guessed it. This is the heart of the mechanism of lack of confidence. Evidence, arguments, listening usually not enough to learn or regain self-confidence.

However therapeutic strategies exist to regain self-esteem. Effective. And what I think is important: brief therapies.

Statistics, some available on the net, have been published by psychologists. They are used to compare the effectiveness of different therapies on issues close. So what are the most effective?

Monday, 1 April 2013

Improve Performance of Business by Using Better Business Strategy

We can define the strategy as a result of decisions and actions in the service of politics. It is defined at the global level (corporate strategy) but also at the functional level. It aims to seek and obtain a distinctive competence (sometimes called differential expertise), source of competitive advantage and ensure the competitiveness and profitability of the company over the long term. This involves understanding the environment to alter the competitive balance to his advantage.

The Business Strategy strategic decision is often irreversible and involves structural changes. These decisions can engage the company in the long-term strategy is the management of uncertainty.

The strategy should be analyzed as a complex decision process that incorporates organizational dimensions (internal) and environmental (external). Strategic decision is of bounded rationality (search for a satisfactory solution rather than optimal) and whose relevance can be assessed.

The strategic approach includes strategic analysis (diagnosis and strategic segmentation), the strategy formulation (strategic choices), implementation (planning) and strategic management (control, mobilization of human resources). It must therefore take into account the different parameters of the environment, the company and the internal and external stakeholders:

Depending on the circumstances and modes of governance, we distinguish:

  • A contingency approach (strategy possible).
  • A proactive approach (strategy desired).
  • A holistic approach: seeking a balanced process.

The formulation of a strategy involves three levels of reflection and action:

  • Completion: Define business (know-how of the company), missions (response to market expectations) goals (qualitative expression of the purpose, be a leader, for example).
  • Operationalization: Setting objectives (quantified expression of a goal, market share, for example). Adopting a series of actions.
  • The Media: Fix resource allocation to achieve the objectives.

Every company is more or less guided by a policy or not explained by the group leader. It is the result of motivation, training and cultural leaders.

The policy is defined as a set of guiding principles and main rules and standards that guide ongoing action.
The policy is required to strategy setting his goals, constraints and criteria to be met

In reality, the policy is a mixture of rules and standards. This is the way to act and to conduct a case it specifies the objectives to contribute to the sustainability of the company and its goals and carries out the coordination of different functions. It is often formalized in charters of companies.

Policy and Governance: The concept of policy refers to the corporate governance (corporate governance) often mentioned in the companies in which the managerial powers of ownership and management are separated. In parallel to the increase dimensional firms, the owners were gradually excluded from the effective management of the business for the benefit of managers. It now makes a distinction between the power of managers and controlling shareholders owning the dominant decision-making center is no longer systematically owner. Managing a business requires a specific skills side, the other significant amounts of capital. Managers therefore assume management while shareholders have property rights and vote.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to Improve Your Website Visibility in Google SERP, SEO Tips

In Todays Era of Search engine Marketing everyone is trying to rank well in Google Search Engine Result Page but because of lot of competition in every field we have to utilize some effective method that works well for better ranking in Google SERP.

Importance of SEO

Assume you have begun a business (Internet advertising) and offering your e-book online for canine-preparing and need to target you gathering of people from different part of the planet then you need to upgrade your online site for exceptional SERP standing. 

Without SEO your online site will be covered profound in google and won't be unmistakable to focused on group of onlookers whatsoever. 

There are so many SEO Agencies are there, but we have to choose best company which delivers long term quality SERP ranking.

See--SEO Agency Bangalore

SEO Techniques For New Website

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is the system to advance a site for exceptional standing in SERP's(Search Engine Result Page). Usually there are two techniques for SEO first is on-page and second is off-page improvement. 

Strategies for SEO

In this post I am setting off to offer some truly significant and successful techniques for off-page improvement. In off-page advancement we need to yell-boisterous to the planet about our site and fabricate some viable connections backlinks . Beneath are some essential Strategies:- 

Contender Analysis-Look at the target watchword of your contestant in your corner and attempt to raise backlinks from that online site. 

Tools which you can use for Competitor Analysis:-

1) SEOMoz Open Site Explorer—This is the paid device from SEOMoz yet you can additionally utilize its unlimited adaptation and you can infiltrate into contestant essential word in viable way. In this instrument you can get finish portions of grapple content utilized, PR of the backlink page and all essential outcomes. 

2) BacklinkWatch.com---This is my most beloved devices to check out contestant magic word and connected online sites, this online site will reveal to you backlinks page PR and stay content of the connection. 

3) Alexa—This is the most well known online site from Amazon.com for its Ranking ordered system and joined pages.. you can utilize Alexa on the house to check out Competitor backlinks.Prolore SEO Agency Bangalore gives adequate SEO and value join constructing however you can likewise manufacture your particular connection with the assistance of routines given underneath. 

WEB 2.0 Blogs—Another effective methods to construct backlinks is by web 2.0 online journal posting. In this system we make online elements in Squiddo.com, Tumblr, Hubpages, Blogger and Wordpress, in the wake of making a site page you need to compose a value substance and put your backlinks in grapple message and post in the aforementioned web 2.0 websites.. 

Squidoo is the most forcing for WEB 2.0 ejournal posting, Squiddo is for the most part salary offering site and work to google adsense. Your article in online webpage is called as lens. You can make 100 of lens which has an associations that centers towards your site. 

Guest Posting – This is a supplemental viable system that work for all webmaster, chase down online diary in your forte with excellent PR and solicit guest posting. This technique will make development to your site and moreover will give you an enduring quality backlink. 

Google Alert and Yahoo Answers --Google alert is a characteristic by google where you can set your alert something like a specific topic(or crucial word) by giving you inform id, after that when any people will look that vital word or form something about it then google will inform you as an alert, then you can reply to that article by giving your association. 

So likewise we can reply to requests in answers.yahoo.com with associations, 

Making your website popular in yahoo answer will bring some traffic too.

Article Submission - -Write an article identified with your corner and post it into some article submission sites with great PR, it will sit down for a bit to support and will function as a lasting backlinks. 

Directory Submission - -Submit your web journal in website registry and get a restricted backlink, this is the speediest system for getting backlink for another site. 

Source:- Prolore Holistic SEM Agency, SEO Agency in Bangalore

Monday, 25 March 2013

MBA Projects Report Tips and Tricks


Masters in Business Management is one of the most  preferred post graduate courses in the world. Holding an MBA degree from a prestigious business school like IIM-Ahmedabad, Harvard or Stanford is the ultimate dream of any management student.
Business management course curriculum deals with scientific approach to managing business. Business management course teaches them the strategies, planning, organizing, controlling, and executing tasks they have to perform for running a business successfully. It introduces them to the various branches of business namely Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Operations Management. Students can opt for any one of these branches for specialization. As part of their curriculum students have to work on a project and submit a project report or thesis in the final year of their post graduate study. Project work is part of their assessment process.


Management Projects is a mini research on a particular topic. It has a definite beginning and end and a time frame. It is an added value to education. It makes learning meaningful and purposeful as the learner takes the responsibility of learning upon himself/herself.


MBA Projects work is an excellent learning experience for a student. It gives a peep into working life which is so different from student life. It gives opportunity to perform, learn from real time experiences, use technical knowledge and test its application. It encourages independent learning at the same time working with others at work place.  Project work is a great learning tool as it demands planning and executing on one’s own. It requires  both fundamental skills of reading, writing, analysis and also technical skills  like problem solving, time management, research methods, software utilization , information synthesizing, etc.


It is important to divide the project stage wise and step wise. First is project topic selection. Then develop the problem description. This is when you will decide the scope of your work. Clearly define the objectives. Then decide on collecting data using a suitable methodology. Then analyze the data and draw conclusions. Write a cohesive report.


 Probably topic selection is the most challenging as that decides the outcome. So choose a topic or problem that interests you and have an eagerness to investigate and learn more. Think of a system or application or problem that has use in real life situation. Get the approval from the Head of Department or person concerned. Browse through technical books, articles and web pages to get a clear understanding of the topic. Seek faculty and professional help for any doubts and clarifications at every stage. Develop a well defined description of the topic and the project objective. Do not get over ambitious as that will derail the entire work.  Apply correct methodology for sample collection, establish process for data analysis, evaluate your results, draw conclusions and finally write the thesis. 

Format – The project report or thesis can be presented in this format.
                Table of contents
                Abstract (overview and main features)
                Introduction (describe the problem or topic)
                Solution ((describe how you got the result using flow chart or diagram)
               Conclusion (learning outcome)
                References (books, authors)


Successful project completion is no magic. Many obstacles can derail a project. For example, planning an over ambitious project goal. One has to keep the time frame in mind before deciding the scope. Another problem is procrastination. Project plan and execution must be systematic and meticulous. Every stage of the project must be given adequate time to complete lest it will lose direction.


There are several institutes that offer project work assistance right from topic selection to completion of the project report. Institutes charge enrolment fee for their services. They have consultants who can guide a student from A to Z of project work. Besides there are exclusive MBA community portals to help with project assignments.  There are exclusive websites to help with project topic selection. They have a long list of topics from all branches such as finance, marketing, HR, operations management.  Some interesting topics are as follows
Use of print ads for international brand
India – a global player
FDI in India - pros and cons
International business – how to conduct it?
Business forecasting
Inventor control methods
Sales management

A good MBA projects report will not only fetch you a good grade in academics but also open doors for you in the job market. A well defined, thoroughly researched and executed project will add value to your CV and the prospective employer will certainly give weight age to it. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to Improve Performance In Your Exams

As we all know that Improve Performance is related to Mental fitness  in our daily life. Many students who face problem in performing well in exam is due to the mental fitness. I have  seen so many students who works hard but unable to perform well in the exam, So what could be the primary reason for this, The final conclusion is made of the mental fitness and brain exercise.

During the examination period students works hard and even study at night which leads to the the lack of optimal performance in exams. In this post I am going to share with you some tips which will surely help you to improve your performance in your exam and will light to the bright future ahead in your career.

Here are the some top tips to improve exam performance in your exam is given below:-

  • Be mentally prepared for the exam and sleep well at night, take it easy and wake up early in the morning, do some exercises like yoga, mental exercise, brain exercise, breathe fresh air, etc.
  • Read the question paper instruction carefully and remember the important points, ssuch as number of questions to be answered or number of optional questions.
  • Strategize your answer with important points before writing and use point wise solution to the given question. Make note of Important topic which you have to consider in your answer.Try to add related points with respect to the main topic.
  • Use pencils to underline the important points in your answer, this will attract the readers attraction and works well for getting high marks.
  • Do not try to mess with the answer part instead write each part separately with no grammer or spelling  mistakes
  • Change your paragraph when required and link your paragraph with suitable topics and phrases etc.
  • Write your answers with no spelling or grammer mistakes and try to check your answers before moving to the next question to avoid last minute rush.
  • Finally check your writing mistakes and missing information , if any and submit your papers.
Above methods is very effective for improving your exam performance.

Second Important point for improving performance is mental fitness, There are so many online tutor available to help you to achieve high level of mental fitness and perform well in your exam.

You can contact Myndgenie who helps students to Develop Self Confidence for those who fear of exam in many ways such as:-
  • Fear of Exam
  • Not Motivated to Study
  • Not Able to Focus on Study and Many More Exam Related Topics.
All The Best For Your Exam, Have Fun:))