Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Improve Self Confidence: Facts & Tips

What is the lack of self-confidence.

What is unbearable is that part of you know they are right. We should not miss much confidence, we should instead have more self-esteem, feel less shy, should not feel all that stress and we should get rid of its old complex as heavy useless and especially we should think less. And should remove any timidity. "We should" and can not do a little more then we indulged. Of all the ways we are accustomed to. We do it all day. It is almost automatic when you see someone, it is necessary that we compare. Found that the other better than themselves. And reflex we forget, everything was better than him. You set the standards, references so high that is sure to disappoint not reach. It should be Einstein, Marilyn Monroe should be, it should be Mother Teresa, funky, beautiful or good, it should be anyone other than himself. In short we do not like, even though we know we should. And when someone, in spite of you, appreciate you, makes you a compliment, we think, lack of confidence requires that it is insincere or worse, he laughs at you. So we try to reassure compliments is claimed, marks loves you cling to what secures us, relationship or otherwise, even if we know we should leave. We run after the self-esteem that can never seem to find.

And everything seems horribly complicated because the lack of self-confidence grows you doubt yourself, just to postpone things. Of course, it is argued, but responsible for its complex, much slower than the others! That hesitation! That stress! That timidity to fight! Then learn how to self-esteem?

And why do we do this?

The mechanism of self-confidence.

Or rather, how do we do that? How will develop a lack of confidence? What is the psychological mechanism that destroys all self-esteem and pushes us to maintain and develop these complex?

The central mechanism of the lack of confidence (that we can often trace correlated to that of shyness) is a phenomenon that psychologists call reactance and remains difficult to explain and develop writing.

As an example, if I told you, "Do not think of a cat chasing a mouse! "You'll think first of a cat chasing a mouse. If I say: "Do not think your biggest flaw! "You think. If you say, "Stop telling you that you suck, ugly or stupid! "You think you're no, ugly or stupid.

Thus, paradoxical as it is:

The more you force not think the more they think.
The more you force not feel the stress and the stress we feel.
The more you force not to feel shy and it feels shyness.
The more we have to force self-esteem and were less self-esteem.

Are you lost? Try it. More a part of you is trying to convince you that you're a good and another part prompts you to think of yourself as someone no. Also the more you try not to think and the more you think?

So, how do? How to not be tortured? How to stop thinking? Finally, how to develop self-esteem? How to develop the confidence that everyone else seems to have?

The truly effective therapies to restore confidence

The lack of self-confidence, How to develop self confidence? Talk is useless. It has been said that you were worth the money and whenever you have doubts. And you were told and you guessed it. This is the heart of the mechanism of lack of confidence. Evidence, arguments, listening usually not enough to learn or regain self-confidence.

However therapeutic strategies exist to regain self-esteem. Effective. And what I think is important: brief therapies.

Statistics, some available on the net, have been published by psychologists. They are used to compare the effectiveness of different therapies on issues close. So what are the most effective?

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